App Alert: Shadow Puppet Edu



I have a new favorite app, Shadow puppets edu.  My teammate, Danielle, has been using this app and telling our team about it all year.  I finally gave it a try in my classroom this past week.  I love it!  I can’t believe I waited so long to give it a try.

This app allows students to take photos or choose photos from the photo album and record a description or narration about the photo.   My students loved it.  I love it because my students can share their work directly to our class blog on Seesaw.

Like most apps it comes with tutorials.  I encourage my students to watch the tutorials.  It helps those friends who aren’t as confident about their tech skills.  When they are ready to begin, they simple click the Create New button.  They can access the camera to take photos or they can access the photo album to choose a photo.  My students have become quite adept at knowing when to allow photo access and microphone access.  I have enjoyed watching their tech skills grow this year.

Students can choose to record using one or more photos.  It is very simple to use.  Here are a few projects completed by my 2nd graders.

They are easy to share and short enough that you don’t always have to upload to YouTube to view them.

Check it out.  This app is a wonderful tool for all students!

MakerSpace and Adobe Spark: Tell the Story

My class visited MakerSpace for the first time this year.  MakerSpace is new to my campus.  What is MakerSpace?



I used Adobe Spark to document the experience.  Adobe Spark is simply amazing.  You drag and drop media into pages, posts, and slides to create and document the stories you want to share with the world.

I am truly excited to see what my students will do with this technology.  It is simple to use.  There are themes to choose from.  You don’t have to do much yourself, except have your photos, and video ready to go.  And best of all, it’s free!  You can sign in with an Adobe account if you have one.  Or, you can sign in through a Google account.  My team and I already have some plans on using Adobe Spark with our kiddos.

Click Here to view the page I created about MakerSpace.  My video is included in the page.  You have to scroll down to see the whole page.



Have you used Adobe Spark?  Have an idea for Adobe Spark?  Please share in the comments.

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Field Trip E-Readers

Every year after we finish learning about pioneers and early Texans, we take our 2nd graders to Dallas Heritage Village.  If you are from the Dallas area, this living museum use to be called Old City Park.  Teachers, students, and families love this trip.  We always have as many family members attending our field trips as students.  This support makes a wonderful day even better!  We usually go in the spring when the weather is at its best and let students and their families roam the park at their leisure.   The park provides information, but this year we decided to do a Photo Scavenger Hunt.

DHV Photo Hunt

Students and their family members sought out the suggested locations and took pictures.  Most people used their cell phones.  Some of the kids took the pictures themselves, but remember they are 2nd graders, so they mostly wanted to be in the photos.

After the field trip, family members sent the photos to teachers in an email.  Teachers uploaded the photos to a file in our Google Drive.  We shared the file with our students.  Next we taught our students how to make a Google Slide Presentation.  Students chose the photos they wanted to use and wrote about each picture.  We gave them parameters, such as how many slides needed to be in each presentation.  We wanted them to use correct capitalization, punctuating, and syntax.  They knew we were going to make these presentations into E-Readers they would share with their families.  Students shared their presentations with teachers, and we made some editing suggestions.  In the end though, we accepted the work they presented.  The kids loved making these E-Readers!  They had no difficulty in working with Google Slides.  Some of them did have a hard time deciding which photos to use.  When they completed their presentations, we saved them as a PDF.  We sent the PDF E-Reader to families in an email.  We chose to do PDF E-Readers because they can be opened on any device.

The students learned so much about creating a slide presentation.  They learned how to use the photos and write about them.   We also made End of the Year Memory Book E-Readers, as well as, Life Cycle of Butterfly E-Readers.

Click on the links below to view a couple of sample E-Readers from this field trip.

If you have done something similar with your students please click on the comments and share your ideas!

Dallas Heritage Village Aden

Dallas Heritage Village Shelby