How To Create a YouTube Playlist

Do you use YouTube in your classroom?  Do you use Google Classroom?  Here is a quick tutorial on how to create a YouTube playlist and upload the playlist to your Google Classroom.  I’ve been doing this for quite some time.

One word of caution though, I alway preview the videos I add to the playlist.  I don’t always remember to view old playlists before allowing students to view them.  I recently got a surprise when something inappropriate showed up on a playlist I made last year.  Always remember to view before your students view.

Padlet: Organize Your Student Work

How do you organize the work your students complete online?  There are some features within Google Classroom to help organize the work you’ve assigned to your students.  Learning management systems also have built in features to allow you to organize the work you’ve assigned to your classes.

How do you organize work your students have completed on iPads? Perhaps you’ve assigned a project requiring your students to use PicCollage or ThingLink.  Perhaps you’ve given your students some choice and they’ve chosen the app they prefer to complete the project.  How do you collect and organize their finished products?

My favorite way to collect and organize iPad projects is Padlet.  Padlet allows me to put all of my students finished work, regardless of the app used, into one workspace.  I can airdrop student files to my desktop and load them into the Padlet myself.  I can provide students with a link and let them send their completed work to the Padlet as they finish projects.

Once our workspace is complete there are several options for sharing the workspace.

You have to make your Padlet public in order to share with others.  Then click the Share/Export/Embed button in the top right corner.

You can share on Facebook, Twitter, and your blog.  I usually copy the QR Code and share with my student’s families.  I add this QR Code to my Smore Newsletter.  I update these newsletters weekly.  I always let families know when I’ve added work, videos, or QR Codes for Padlet.  Adding new projects my students have completed and letting families know about it when I send the update reminder increases the views of my newsletter significantly.  Families seem to enjoy the opportunity to see what their kiddos are doing in the classroom.  This allows them to feel connected throughout their busy work days.

We have several Padlets we are currently working on in my classroom.  Some of the Padlets show work everyone completed in the same app.  Others show a variety of apps as students choice comes into play.

Here is a QR Code for a recent Padlet my students completed on The Water Cycle.

Have you tried Padlet?  Please share how you’ve used Padlet or other organizational tools in the comments.

Blendspace-An Amazing Resource

I’ve been using Blendspace for a couple of years now.  Blendspace is a wonderful resource offered through  TES is for teachers.  There are a variety of lessons and resources available and membership is free.

Blendspace is one of my favorite resources.  I can quickly and easily create a lesson to add to my Google classroom using Blendspace.   You can drop and add as many media resources as you like into your Blendspace.

You can search Youtube, Flickr and Google for resources.  You can add from your Google Drive, or Dropbox.  You can add a webpage.  You can even add your own video and media.


I usually research Youtube beforehand so I will know exactly which videos I want to use in my Blendspace.  I often make a Google slide beforehand so that it is also ready to go.  Then you drop and add to each slide in the Blendspace.


When you are finished creating your Blendspace, there are several options available for sharing or publishing your lesson.


My favorite way to share Blendspace lessons with my students is to create a Google Slide with the link to the Blendspace lesson.  I load the slide into my Google Classroom for students to access.  This is the method I have had the most success with in my classroom.  My students can access the Blendspace with iPads, desktops, laptops, and in our Computer Lab.

Editing is easily accomplished, even within and already shared lesson.


Just click the pencil in the bottom right corner and begin editing.  You also have the option to delete a slide altogether.  This is sometimes necessary when media from other sources changes after you’ve created your lesson.

My students love learning by video.  Blendspace gives me the ability to create lessons for my whole class, small groups, and even individuals.  It is truly one of my favorite teaching resources.

Here are a few of my Blendspace lessons.  Feel free to use them with your students.

Election 2016


Guided Reading – It’s an “EDpuzzle”

I love Guided Reading time.  I teach reading in the morning, and I love this time to be with my students in small groups or even one on one.  I love the conversations we have.  I enjoy listening to my kiddos share what’s on their minds and what’s going on in their lives.  We alway spend a few precious moments in conversation.  This skill is as necessary as reading.

I love diving into a new book.  I’m always anxious to see how the students will react.  Have they read this book?  Are they familiar with this topic?  Are they interested in this topic?  What do they already know?  Oftentimes, my kids have quite a bit of background knowledge (schema) about one of the books we are reading.  Other times, they have none.  This past spring I discovered a tool to help build background and understanding before my 2nd graders ever come to the reading table – EDpuzzle.

EDpuzzle is a site that allows teachers to choose from hundreds of videos to engage student learning.  These videos come from the EDpuzzle site, YouTube, Khan Academy, and many more.

EDpuzzle videos resize

I love this site because I can cut or trim the video and only use certain parts or I can use the whole video.  I can insert questions that must be answered before students continue viewing the video.

Teachers can login using a Google account or an Edmodo account.  Students can be added easily from both Google Classroom and Edmodo.  I just login with my Google account.  I added my students from Google Classroom.  That was it, very simple to get started.  There is a great tour at the beginning to show you how to use the site.

Edp login new


EDpuzzle teach page

I like to add videos for the whole class as well as small groups.  Sometimes if my groups are reading similar books or books on the same topic I add videos for the whole class to view.  I can have my kids view the video at the Reading table before we begin.  I can also have them view the videos independently or in a small group while I’m meeting with others.

GR EDpuz

GR EDpuz 2

Adding this piece to my guided reading repertoire has increased student engagement and success at the reading table.  My students have grown in knowledge as the videos support the learning that is taking place in the reading group.  They can’t wait to see the new book that will go along with the videos they’ve watched.   I get excited when my kiddos get excited!

How do you use technology in your Guided Reading groups?  Please share in the comments section.

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