Reading, Science, and Technology

I am always looking for ways to enhance my instruction so that my students will get the most out of whatever we happen to be learning.  This past spring, I combined a Reading and Science lesson and paired it with a technology concept.  My students thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the lessons.  I was impressed and pleased to see that they were indeed internalizing prior knowledge.  I use Common Sense Media’s K-2 Scope and Sequence for many of my technology lessons.  Here is a link.  If you haven’t used this material, you might want to check it out.  As an extension of learning to search the web, and learning about copyright, we discovered NASA’s public domain site for images.  We were also learning about the sun, moon, and stars in Science.  There was a non-fiction space story in our basal reader (which I don’t use very often) that the kids always enjoy reading.  This was an evolving lesson.  I had planned for the kids to find images on the NASA site, download the images, and write a caption for each image.  We did this, but I intended the project to be in google.  The kids wanted to print their images so each student ended up making a paper book.  After downloading and printing images, we visited NASA’s student page.  Almost all of my students found their image.  They were able to find information about the image to use in writing the caption.  This whole process took a bit longer than I had planned, but my students learned how to download and print an image.  They remembered previous lessons on copyright.  They also learned about non-fiction text features and how to write a caption for an image.  And of course they learned many new and interesting facts about the space, a highly engaging and motivating topic for 2nd graders.


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