On This Day in Tech History


On December 3, 1992 the first text message was sent.  You hear a lot of older people complaining about the younger generation doing nothing but texting on their phones.  They just haven’t yet figured out how convenient texting really is.

You don’t actually have to speak to someone who may at any given moment be getting on your last nerve.  This could be your boss, your mom, your spouse, your best friend, your 15 year old son (ok, your 15 year old might actually be getting on your nerves by the second).

Then there are the hilariously funny “mom texts”.  Everybody loves to make fun of their mom for some reason.


Texting gives the handy and “acceptable” excuse of being out of tower range when you miss something important.

He really was in the Big Bend. My brothers never forget my birthday, but I always forget theirs.

Where would be without texting?

Happy Birthday Text Message!